Monday, December 10, 2007

Bible polls, Mitt Romney, and two-inch nipples

Rasmussen poll: 75% in Arkansas, Alabama Believe Bible Literally True (Only 22% in Vermont, Massachusetts).

Oh, and how does anyone buy this Romney 2.0 conservative schtick? Ken Silverstein wrote about it in last month's Harper's. I mean, I know politicians pander, but this is ridiculous. Clintonian trangulation is nothing compared to Mitt's all-out metamorphesis.

Rolling Stone's take:
The most common thing you hear from voters after a Romney event is how impressed they are by his demeanor and delivery, his obvious vitality, by the fact that he looks like he could do this twenty-four hours a day and twice on Sunday, taking off only twenty-six minutes once a week to make monogamous, missionary-position love to his baby-factory wife.

This is amazing... "The Ron Paul Song."

The Onion is amazingly prescient. (thanks, Spring!)

In other news, Mentos can give you two-inch nipples.


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