Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Globetrotter par excellence

It looks like this'll be more of a real bloggy-blog type post. Um, yeah, so today (in about 2 hours, in fact) I start my whirlwind tour of THE WORLD. Well, I guess I should be more specific than that; after all, the world is an awfully large place, contrary to the opinion of that friend from high school you just randomly met at a coffee shop the other day. Anyway, so I'm gonna be visiting graduate schools in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Zurich, and Boston over the next couple weeks. I leave for San Francisco today; it'll be my first time west of, um, Houston I suppose. I'm even polishing up my prose to make sure I include plenty of "dude" and "totally." Well, not really. That'd just be silly. And artificial, etc. And I, moi, am not an artificial person, I'll have you know. No sir, no sir-- I'm a regular OPEN book, let me tell you. Anyway, then I fly down from SF to LA on Friday, and take a red-eye back to Florida Sunday night, arriving Monday morning. Why? Because I'm ca-rrrazy like that. Argh! Argh! Watch out now! I'm so ca-rrrazy, you never know what I'll do! Argh!


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