Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On "Reading"

People who say that they are interested in "reading" or that their hobbies include "reading" or that they "love to read" should have dry scratchy papyrus paper shoved down their throats until they asphyxiate and die. Anyone who is at least half-way literate probably enjoys at least something they read. What, do you especially love the process of reading? Why not put down "semantics" or "contextual linguistics?" Or perhaps you like reading about "anything and everything." No worries then, since that only makes you a vacuous and pliant tool.

"Reading" is a basic skill most of us master in order to learn about other stuff. Really, you probably just enjoy the particular subjects and ideas about which you read. So cut the bullshit and be more specific: "I like comparative politics" or "I'm into contemporary art." We'll assume you can read; there's no need to announce it to the world like an asshole.

snowy mountain trail near Grenoble, France


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